The educational-training complex “Admiral” conducts training in the direction “Sailor-Helmsman” for AB and OS, having the appropriate diploma and knowing the command on the steering wheel in English.

Practical exercises are conducted on the navigation simulator “TRANSAS series Navi-Trainer Professional (NTPro) – 5000” (full-scale bridge) in the group of 2-4 people.

The certificate will be issued only if the course is successfully completed, i.e the ability to steer under any conditions of sailing. ETC “Admiral” conducts training in the direction “Leadership and teamwork” Individuals gain points, but it is the team that wins matches!

ETC “ADMIRAL” provides training for the officers of the vessels on leadership and teamwork to achieve the competence specified in the STCW Code in tables A-II / 1, A-II / 2, A-II / 3, A-III / 1, А-ІІІ / 2 and А-ІІІ / 6 -Function: Management of vessel operations and care of people on the ship at the level of operation / management.