Modern ships have become increasingly automated and this has raised awareness of the inadequacy of existing seafarers’ automation education and training. Should any aspect of the automation fail, the crew is often not trained to use alternative systems or respond effectively. Problems encountered with the application of automated systems and failures of any aspect of automation and processor-based switchgear will be factors that contribute to future marine incidents. It is therefore essential that Marine Engineers and ETOs have a good understanding of these systems and ensure that they are maintained in an efficient and safe operational condition. This can be achieved by upgrading the knowledge and skills of all onboard fleet engineers, who have to deal with the ever-changing demands of new ships’ building technology, through training programs.

TSA interactive training provides an ideal instructional and technical resource for any engineer or ETO requiring a practical working knowledge and understanding of up-to-date vessels electrical automation appliances.

Training curriculum comprises of the following modules:

  • Basic Training Module, which fulfils STCW requirements for Management and Operational level marine engineers and ETOs (24 hrs);
  • Advanced Training Modules #1 (10 hrs);

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